Poultry Resources

Checklist for Pastured Broiler Production

ATTRA-NCAT Poultry Resources – ATTRA is a program developed and managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). They offer countless resources about all aspects of poultry production, with an emphasis on pasturing and sustainable practices.

Niche Meat Processing Assistance Network – NMPAN is a national network of people and organizations creating and supporting appropriate-scale meat processing infrastructure for niche meat markets. Small and mid-sized plants — when available at all — can lack capacity, equipment, appropriate inspection status, and the human and financial capital to upgrade or expand. To meet this need, NMPAN assists processors, producers, buyers, regulators, and others involved in this growing sector by coordinating, distributing, and developing information and resources to improve access to processing infrastructure and the long-term stability of this sector.

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association – APPPA is a nonprofit educational and networking organization dedicated to encouraging the production, processing, and marketing of poultry raised on pasture.

Practical Farmers of Iowa – PFI is a farmer-led, member-driven nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen farms and communities through farmer-led investigation and information sharing. PFI has done research on poultry and has many members who raise poultry.


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