Farm to School

Golden Hills RC&D is partnering with Iowa State University on the Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program to provide assistance with starting and maintaining school gardens and procuring local foods for school meals, snacks or tastings.  The Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant Program is a nutrition education and obesity prevention program funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Golden Hills staff are working with the Council Bluffs Community School District focusing on procurement of local foods and incorporation into menus.  Our challenge will be to secure the volume of food when the school needs it a price they can afford.  Making positive alterations to the nearly 10,000 meals served daily to students in the Council Bluffs School District is sure to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


Pottawattamie County Farm to School:

Golden Hills RC&D has the vision to incorporate a Farm-to-School program in every school district in Pottawattamie County; directly reaching more than 400 students in eight school districts in both rural and urban communities over the next three years.  This project will utilize the knowledge and expertise of Golden Hills staff as well as partner with The Big Garden for much of the implementation.  This partnership is responsible for providing ongoing technical and financial support for student education, and construction of school gardens.

We have identified AHSTW (located in Avoca) as our pilot school.  Upon successful completion of the pilot year in the spring of 2016, the goal is to take this model into the other school districts in Pottawattamie County, and implement the program in the remaining seven districts.

Each course will last 10 weeks and can hold 25 students.  There is potential to offer two classes each academic year, one in the fall, one in the spring. Each class will have one dedicated Classroom Coach to oversee the process and facilitate the learning.   The Classroom Coach will oversee the construction of the garden and teach the following curriculum:

  • Soil quality
  • Plant science
  • Pollinators
  • Local food systems
  • Food insecurity and food waste
  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Food preservation
  • Garden care
  • Season extension
  • Field trips and visits from local producers
  • Entrepreneurial/business plans


For more information, contact Brenda Windmuller, Project Coordinator at Golden Hills RC&D: / 712-482-3029.